Glossary of Terms

Earnings per click (EPC): This statistic will give you an idea of the quality of traffic going to the advertiser so you know approximately how much you might make per click.

Cost per click (CPC): You earn commissions with CPC campaigns simply by providing a link that visitors to your web site or readers of your newsletter click on and get redirected to the campaign's landing page.

Cost per Action/Aquisition (CPA): With CPA campaigns, you earn commissions based upon visitors to your website clicking on an ad, arriving at the campaigns landing page and completing the signup form. For you to receive credit for these visitors they must complete the entire signup process and arrive at the finishing thank-you page.

Cost per lead (CPL): The cost an advertiser pays per lead. This is a very common method of selling advertising. A lead can be anything from an e-mail address for a newsletter to a complete survey that needs to be completely filled out and verified in order to get credit. CPL prices can range greatly depending on the program.

Cost per sale (CPS): CPS campaigns are very similar to CPA campaigns, except that instead of simply signing up for something, your visitor must complete a sale. These campaigns pay you based on the total amount of completed sales.

Cost per visitor (CPV):- CPV is calculating the cost of advertising for every visitor.

Cost per install (CPI):- CPI is a mobile advertising method that only charges advertisers each time their app is downloaded.

Cookie: Information stored on a user's computer by a Web site so preferences are remembered on future requests.

Impression: A single instance of an online advertisement being displayed.

Unique IP: A unique IP address is not shared by other domain names; it is unique to your domain name and your space on the server.

Unique User: Unique individual or browser which has either accessed a site (see unique visitor) or which has been served unique content and/or ads such as e-mail, newsletters, interstitials and pop-under ads. Unique users can be identified by user registration or cookies. Reported unique users should filter out robots. See for ad campaign measurement guidelines.